WhiteCaps International School of Pastry

Who doesn’t like to make a career out of their passion? Does your passion lie in crafting delectable desserts, sinful chocolates, and exquisite pastries? WHITECAPS International School of Pastry give wings to your dreams and enables you to evolve into master chocolatiers and pâtissiers.


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What our students have to say


Karen Rachel Goveas

Being a baking enthusiast from a very young age, I was always looking for a way to make my passion my daily bread. WHITECAPS, through its intense curriculum, skilled staff and exposure to the best equipment, has helped me chase my dreams with constant support and guidance.


Paridhi Beria

A home baker with not much knowledge but immense passion, I dropped out of management studies to pursue baking full-time. I learned about the WHITECAPS International School of Pastry from a friend. How I have honed my skills because this course is secondary but what I have learned more as a person from Chef Arvind is primary. Right from making us repeat things until we learned it, to infinite experiments in the kitchen, the last 6 months were the best kind of learning anyone could have experienced.


Karuna Prakash Raheja

I have had a wonderful six months at Whitecaps. I have learned so much from chef Arvind Prasad and developed both as a professional and individual. Chef Arvind is an amazing educator and his ideas are inspirational.

He was always patient, flexible and made sure we got our techniques/processes right with the extensive curriculum. I highly recommend WHITECAPS International School of Pastry to anyone looking to pursue a six-month diploma in baking and patisserie.

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