Cake Engineering

Baking is as much a science as an art. While you bring out the piping bags and fulfill your artistic fantasies, structuring a complex, tiered cake is a feat by itself – the ingredients, the batter mixing technique, the tools, you must get them all right for the perfect cake. And that’s why we have an exclusive course on this – Cake Engineering.

From tiered, exquisite wedding cakes, classic and modern French cakes to stunning themed ones, you’ll learn to make them all in this course. Duration: 150 hours, spread across 4-5 weeks.

Who should opt for this course?

  • People who desire baking mastery
  • Hobbyists looking for professional guidance

What you’ll get?

  • Dedicated teaching from globally acclaimed chefs
  • Hands-on training with expert advice in state-of-the-art kitchen
  • Delicious results!

Course Contents

Wedding Cake

  • Master the Art of Royal Icing
  • Learn Advanced Piping Techniques
  • Introduction to Gum Paste
  • Create Stunning Sugar Flowers
  • Wafer Paper Techniques
  • Discover Hand Painting Techniques

Buttercream Cake

  • Preparing and Using Buttercream Icing
  • Pressure Control, Piping, Cornet Preparation
  • Basic Cake Borders
  • Basic Flower Piping Skills

Themed Cake

  • Advanced Fondant Techniques
  • Cake Toppers
  • Cake Shaping
  • Cake Sculpting Techniques

Pastillage Modelling

  • Introduction to Pastillage
  • Learn to make Blueprints
  • Making your own Templates
  • Paneling and Assembling
  • Spray Painting Technique

Structured Cake

  • Make your own structure from scratch
  • Make your own Rice Crispy Treats (RCT)
  • Carving your own cake
  • Airbrushing and finishing