Eggless Collection

Discover the art of culinary techniques from our exclusive Eggless Collection that includes cookies, tarts, travel cakes, classic desserts and verrines, chocolates and pralines, and the Season’s Signature Entremets Collection at a large. This course is designed for the enthusiastic beginners who love to bake and wish to do it in a unique way. Our skilled chefs offer a perfect baking course using various other ingredients excluding eggs. This training program will suit all, whether a novice or experienced.

A great way to experience this pristine Eggless Collection course brought to you by the WHITECAPS International School of Pastry offers 6 days course which will start from 12th November till 18th of November, 2018.

Course Fee is 25000

Day 1 : Cookies

Master the lucid Eggless cookies techniques that can be applied to any style of baking it. An interesting activity to explore for baking them professionally like, a swap or as a gift, for your loved ones on any occasion.

Day 2 : Tarts and Travel cakes

Discover the art of Tarts and Travel Cakes of our Eggless Collection course by specialized chefs thrives of teaching you pastry and confectionary craft making, plated delicacies, and precise culinary Eggless baking techniques.

Day 3 : Classic desserts and Verrines

Explore our Classic Desserts and Verrines in our Eggless Collection course to learn and serve the finest recipes to your loved ones.

Day 4 : Chocolates and Pralines

Any time of the year, any occasion, the sweet and unforgettably delicious Chocolates and Pralines are the best to delight your loved ones. Learn to explore the new recipes of Chocolates and Pralines from our experts from Eggless Collection course.

Day 5 & 6 : Season’s Signature Entremets Collection

Entremets seems to be the bake of the moment for any cake baking enthusiast. In this Season’s Signature Entremets Collection, experience hands-on class where you will be trained to make and create an elegant cake in French style under our expert chef’s guidance.

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